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The Shen language website
Shen under Twitter
Shen wiki
Archived Lambda Associates
(the old site for Qi)
Conversations of Taoist Master Fu Hsiang
The Book of Shen (third edition)
Essays and Articles
The Bipolar Lisp Programmer
Why I am not a Professor
In Defence of Open Science
Hackers and Fighters
The Problems of Open Source (2014)
Open Source is Ceasing to be Cool (2016)
A Reply to 'The Problems of Open Source'
The Next Lisp
7 Reasons Why I do not Support the FSF
The Shen of Shen
Lisp for the C21 (.wmv file)
Shen Appeal Video
Taoism, Alchemy and Immortality
Video Poem: Playing Truant*
Video Poem: the Sacrifice*
* Acknowledgements to the
genius of John Barry

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Welcome to the home page of Dr Mark Tarver. This a portal from where you can access my work in science and philosophy.

On the left, you can find links to my work in science and philosophy, as well as online courses that I teach.

This page is still under construction - like the rest of my life. Yours too?