Conversations of Taoist
Master Fu Hsiang

Mark Tarver

Conversations of Taoist Master Fu Hsiang is a philosophical dialogue set in modern China in the traditional setting of a martial arts class. The Conversations is an introduction to the topics of love, evil and human nature recounted through a narrative between Taoist Master Fu Hsiang and his two students Li Chen and Zhi Peng. 

The text is perfect bound, designed to be carried as a pocket book, and containing full colour depictions of ancient Chinese art. Each copy is signed by the author according to requirement.

Table of Contents.

Cost 10 + 5 p&p.


Conversations of Taoist Master Fu Hsiang
Size: Custom (170mm x 130mm)
Est. Spine: 10.6mm
Binding: Perfect Bound
Lamination: Gloss
Proof: Reprint (None Required)
Orientation: Portrait
Cover & Bind: 2pp, (300gsm Board (PEFC))
Text Mono: 169pp, (100gsm Coated (FSC))
Colour Inserts: 18pp, (100gsm Coated (FSC))

Cover shows Taoist priests on a mural from Khoo Kongsi, Penang,
by permission of Tanith Jones