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This web site was built to bring together the diverse elements of my character and interests; it is an eclectic mixture of the very ancient and the very modern. Like my life, it is in a perpetual state of construction. In the computer science section you'll find material on my programming language Shen and links to essays and video lectures.

I taught artificial intelligence at Leeds university from 1990-1999 and I was active in writing poetry from 1993-1996; some of these poems to have been put to music.

I still retain a great affection for philosophy, my alma mater as it were, and the logical and analytical aspects of philosophy in relation to computing command my attention. This area I call computational philosophy . I have an interest in esotericism and I am a Taoist of sorts. I find links with internal alchemy in many other traditions, particularly Kabbalah and Tantra. I wrote the first of two volumes on the Tarot and I used to run a school but found that my other interests competed for attention and so now I work on this aspect through my personal site.

I hope you find something in this grab-bag which will catch your interest.

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